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Boulder, The Birthplace of Nalandabodhi

DPR 14

Since 1996, Nalandabodhi Boulder has been offering opportunities for students to study and practice Buddhism under the guidance of The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche (NBI). Having grown from a small group to a center whose members meet weekly to practice meditation and discuss dharma, we offer community practice opportunities and guidance to those wishing to explore Buddhism. We also periodically host visiting teachers.

As part of Nalandabodhi, an organization dedicated to continuing the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism (NBI) internationally, we study and explore the teachings of The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and masters of the Kagyu (NBI) and Nyingma (NBI) traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Examples of these teachings can be found in Nalandabodhi International and also in recordings available from Vajra Echoes.

In 2010, Ponlop Rinpoche named our center Odantapuri after one of the 6 great buddhist universities in ancient India.

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News & Upcoming Events

Lojong Teachings with Archarya Lama Tenpa

Carrying on his teachings of the Mahayana path, Acharya Lama Tenpa will teach on the Lojong slogans, a rich and powerful collection of Mahayana teachings. The Lojong slogans are pith instructions for working with our mind in meditation and everyday situations as a way to awaken. We are taking a break for the winter holidays. Talks will resume in January 16, 2013.  

Meditation Practice

Nalandabodhi Boulder holds meditation practice sessions every Sunday from 9:00am-12 noon at Nalandabodhi Odantapuri 100 Arapahoe Ave., #6. Everyone is welcome! See the Boulder Calendar page to confirm meditation practice schedule. If you would like meditation instruction, or if this is your first time practicing with us, please contact Michael Miller. (See Contact Page) [Click on "Meditation Practice" above or go to the "Practice" page for details] 

Bodhi Heart

Bodhi Heart serves to support the local community. It is part of the Path of Mindful Activity as taught by Ponlop Rinpoche. The Path of Mindful Activity integrates practices of mindfulness and the aspiration of bodhichitta (the intention to benefit all beings) with the activities of daily life. Here in Boulder we feed the homeless once a month and provide sangha members in need with rides to the sangha or around town, errands, household chores, food delivery, pet care, and when friends and family are ill or in the process of dying we have an advocacy support program. If you would like to contribute donations, energy, or ideas to Bodhi Heart please contact Trish.(See Contact Page)  

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Buddhist Coalition for Bodhisattva Activity

"BCBA's mission is to partner with local human service agencies in Boulder County to engage in the bodhisattva activity of helping people in need. BCBA provides both volunteer placement and support. This support includes encouraging volunteers to integrate their spiritual path and their service experiences." [Click on "Buddhist Coalition"..above for more information]